Pharmacy sales of medicinal products


Need help? Take advantage of enrolling in RxBoost. This program is designed to provide members with the ability to afford and obtain their critical high cost medications.

  • We work with the member to dramatically minimize specialty drug cost.
  • High-cost drugs are routed to our dedicated RxBoost team.
  • Our dedicated RxBoost team will act as the member's patient advocate and will explore the possibility of obtaining various options for alternative sourcing.
  • We will make it simple for the member and manage all coordination necessary between the doctor, the pharmaceutical companies, the pharmacies, and the member.

Under this program, all specialty medications will require a prior authorization. Most high dollar medications will need to be processed and filled by our preferred vendor. Please follow the next steps to ensure that the prior authorization is expedited properly.

Step 1: Once your doctor prescribes a high dollar medication, please reach out to the Rx Boost team.

Step 2: A designated Patient Advocate will walk you through the next steps of the program.

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Monthly Rates Individuals GROUPS

*There are no periodic administrative fees or enrollment fees for this product outside of the monthly rates shown above.